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Check out photos of products engineered right here at R-D, ranging from unassembled sheet metal parts to powder-coated, custom-branded, fully assembled and distribution-ready products.

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A full compliment of the latest fabrication equipment supported by an integrated engineering software suite ensures accurate and efficient processing of prototype to production runs into the tens of thousands. Within our 13,000 square feet of manufacturing space we specialize in fabricating cabinets, frames, weldments, brackets, and panels.

The Crew
At R-D Manufacturing, our workforce is diversified and experienced in all phases of precision sheet metal fabrication. A very low turnover rate has allowed our crew of dedicated operators and mechanics to become thoroughly cross-trained. Cross-training provides a key component to our consistent quality and efficient operation. Operators that understand the nuances of multiple operations are able to provide invaluable input while processing materials. They are able to both check previous operations and prepare material for efficient handling at subsequent operations. R-D's commitment to respect and fairness ensure that our workforce will continue to meet our customers' high expectations.

Amada - machine tools that set the standard for both performance and reliability


Fully automated, 100% lights-out sheet processing is the core of R-Ds production.

Amada FLCAJ Fiber Laser is the best of both worlds. Automatic nozzle change and high-speed shuttle tables enable speed and flexibility to support short run and high-mix production. High Volume Production capabilities result from automated sheet handling and endless nitrogen assist gas produced right here at R-D.

Amada's EM Turret Processing Center is shear production muscle. Equipped with automated sheet handling and in-turret tapping, the EM has the additional advantage of individual part Pick & Sort. Processed part blanks are neatly stacked, ready for down-stream processing. Automated tool sharping makes top condition tooling a no-brainer.

MPL 3015 Laser Automation System

MP 1225 Loader
EM 2510 Punch Press
PRUL Part Remover

Accurpress - Press Brakes, Accurshear, Tooling Systems Wila - press brake productivity site

Our forming and bending department is equipped with the latest technology in CNC bending. The addition of 2 top-of-the-line Amada HDS press brakes has taken multi-stage precision forming to a new extreme. Intricate forming programs are choreographed offline by engineers using BendCam software. High production efficiency coupled with the setup efficiency of Wila New Standard precision tooling is an unbeatable combination.

Butfering - Wide Belt Sanders, the experts of intelligent machine concepts for woodworking applications
PEM - a global leader in fastening solutions
Auto Sert - Hardware Insertion Equipment Chicago Dreis and Krump - Shears and Press Brakes since 1889

Secondary Operations
From our automated hardware insertion to our multistage sanding and deburring machine, R-D is setup to maximize efficiency of all secondary operations. R-D employs specialized tooling to perform as many secondary operations as possible within the turret/laser processing center. The automation of these processes eliminates the waste of multiple handlings and ensures consistent quality.

Miller - Welding Equipment - MIG/TIG/Stick Welders and Plasma Cutting


Our experienced welders perform MIG, TIG, and Spot welding regularly. Multiple welding cells provide the capacity to handle in-depth welding projects. Welders experienced in a wide range of requirements can handle a large variety of part sizes. The challenges of delicate sheet metal components and highly cosmetic welds are readily met by our welding department.

  • Prototypes
  • Large Production Runs
  • TIG, MIG and Spot welding Process
  • Steel, Stainless and Aluminum
  • Fully CNC Equipped
  • Coordinate Special Projects


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